H2VIVOTM Cell Defense

A Direct Action Molecular Hydrogen Supplement
No Need to Dissolve in Water

H2VIVO Cell Defense was developed by a team of doctors, allied healthcare professionals, and industry experts that wanted to make molecular hydrogen more accessible and easier to use.
The name H2VIVO is a combination of H2 and VIVO. H2 is the chemical formula of molecular hydrogen. VIVO is a Latin word that means a living organism. The name H2VIVO signifies the production of molecular hydrogen (H2) inside a living body. H2VIVO Cell Defense is an ingestible capsule designed to quickly produce high concentrations of molecular hydrogen inside your stomach. There is no need to wait for a reaction in water.

H2VIVO Cell Defense is an all-natural, molecular hydrogen supplement that supports the defense system of your cells. It provides your cells with high concentrations of molecular hydrogen and plant-derived bioactive trace minerals that work in harmony to reduce oxidative stress in your body. H2VIVO is available exclusively from licensed healthcare professionals. For end users who want to experience the benefits of H2VIVO, a limited Consumer Tryout Program is also available.
H2VIVO Cell Defense promotes healthy aging and supports the health of your bones, joints, digestive system, metabolism, energy production, circulation, nervous system and other functions that could be affected by oxidative stress.
Health Benefits of H2VIVO

H2VIVO core formula has been used by thousands of people in the past 5 years.


People have reported a wide range of health benefits.

Boosts energy
Reduces joint discomfort
Improves mental clarity and focus
Helps optimal weight management
Reduces food craving
Reduces allergy symptoms
Supports normal immune responses
Stabilizes blood sugar levels
Supports healthy cholesterol levels
Improves sleep quality
Regulates bowel movements
Improves skin health
Improves mood
Enhances athletic performance
Increases VO2Max

How Does H2VIVO Work?

The development of H2VIVO is the culmination of over 6 years of research in molecular hydrogen supplement. Although certain formulations can produce H2 when placed in substantial volume of water, it is difficult to generate H2 inside human body. Eventually, a proprietary, patent-pending process was developed using a unique mineral complex derived from 100% marine red algae. This natural algae grows in an exclusive area in the clean and pristine waters in northern Atlantic Ocean that is untainted by any industry. The harvest is under strict condition to ensure sustainability.

The porous surface and mineral composition of the algae allow the production of high concentrations of H2 once it enters the stomach. In addition, the mineral complex will continue to produce H2 inside the stomach for the next 4-5 hours. The prolonged production of H2 is an important factor in the efficacy of H2VIVO. Since H2 is a gas, it can diffuse quickly inside the body and can also be exhaled through breathing. If you just take a shot of H2, it can quickly be exhaled in a short period of time. With persistent production of H2 inside the stomach, you can have a constant supply of H2 that works to reduce oxidative stress throughout the day.

The Clinical Application of H2VIVO Molecular Hydrogen Supplement

How to Take H2VIVO?
H2VIVO is a vegetable capsule and is usually administered orally. The dosage will depend on the amount of oxidative stress inside the body and specific health challenges the person is dealing with. The suggested starting dose is one capsule three times a day with water. Consult your healthcare professionals for detailed usage instruction.
H2VIVO Topical Application
H2 can easily penetrate the skin and help you with various skin related issues. When applied topically, H2VIVO has been shown to relieve discomfort and improve skin appearance for acne, eczema, skin irritation, bruises, cuts and burns, muscle pain, sprains and strains of ligament and tendon, etc. Topical application usually requires a medium such as Aloe Vera gel. Consult your healthcare professionals for the best topical application methods that suit your situation.
H2VIVO as a Lozenge
To relieve sinus or throat related discomfort, you can hold 1-3 capsules in your mouth. Do not use more than 3 capsules at one time. The vegetable capsule will dissolve in a minute or two. Keep the content in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. You can also put 1-2 capsules under your tongue for sublingual absorption. It’s safe to swallow the content afterwards.
How Soon Can I Experience the Benefits of H2VIVO?
Keep in mind that H2VIVO is a natural dietary supplement. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs which often deliver immediate relief, natural products will take more time to show benefits. While many people notice immediate increase in energy, a general feeling of wellbeing and other health benefits in 1 day to 1 week, the individual results will depend on the level of oxidative stress inside the body. Consistent use of H2VIVO for up to 3 months may be necessary to achieve the desire results. It may also be necessary to adjust the dosage. Provide feedback to your healthcare professionals. They will guide you to fully experience the benefits of H2VIVO.

What Users are Saying

Yves A.
H2VIVO is an incredible product and has helped my family with all kinds of health troubles. I’ve had tennis elbow for many years and it’s completely gone. My wife with anemia no longer has to take naps throughout the day. My son's acne has cleared up and his performance in school has improved. I have to say that H2VIVO is a miracle supplement.
Steven R.
I’ve replaced all my supplements with H2VIVO. I feel great even after 10 hours of work every day. I enjoy my evening runs and I recover very quickly. It’s helped with my blood pressure as well. Great product.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, have kidney disease or any chronic medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before use.
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