Molecular Hydrogen Research on Radiation

Hydrogen therapy may be an effective and specific novel treatment for acute radiation syndrome
It’s well known that half of the damage caused by Ionizing Radiation is caused by Hydroxyl Radicals. Molecular Hydrogen is an effective scavenger of Hydroxyl Radicals, so this paper hypothesizes that Molecular Hydrogen will be an effective treatment for Acute Radiation Syndromes.

Hydrogen therapy may reduce the risks related to radiation-induced oxidative stress in space flight
A journal article that was published by NASA that Molecular Hydrogen has the potential to reduce risks related to radiation-induced oxidative stress in astronauts.

Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on the quality of life of patients treated with radiotherapy for liver tumors
A randomized, placebo controlled study showed that patients receiving radiotherapy for liver tumors who were drinking molecular hydrogen water had lower ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) metabolites and higher QOL (Quality of Life) scores than patients who drank placebo water during treatment.

Protective effect of hydrogen-rich saline against radiation-induced immune dysfunction
The immune system is a critical defense system against various environmental agents including ionizing radiation. This study examined if saline infused with molecular hydrogen could protect the immune system from damage caused by ionizing radiation. This study demonstrates that molecular hydrogen is effective in protecting the immune system by scavenging hydroxyl radicals caused by radiation. Also, molecular hydrogen may provide radioprotection effects by regulating the imbalance of T Cells.

The Potential Cardioprotective Effects of Hydrogen in Irradiated Mice
Irradiation of the heart can cause chronic cardiac disease. This study examined the cardioprotective effects of molecular hydrogen. This is the first study that shows that molecular hydrogen reduces the rate of mortality caused by gamma radiation. The study results showed that myocardial MDA levels were significantly lower in irradiated mice that were fed hydrogen water and that superoxide dismutase (antioxidant enzyme inside the cells) levels were higher in irradiated mice that were treated with molecular hydrogen infused water. Therefore, molecular hydrogen gives a cardioprotective effect, but further research needs to be conducted to find out additional signaling pathways of molecular hydrogen.

Hydrogen as a New Class of Radioprotective Agent
A review of Molecular Hydrogen for its potential as a radioprotective agent. Ionizing radiation irradiates water to form hydroxyl radicals, the most dangerous form of free radical. Molecular hydrogen is an antioxidant that selectively reduces hydroxyl radicals. The radioprotective effects of molecular hydrogen was confirmed in vitro and in vivo, and it was repeated on different experimental animal models by different departments. These results are encouraging and molecular hydrogen should be examined further to solidify its status as a radioprotective agent.

Hydrogen Protects Mice From Dermatitis Caused by Local Radiation
Localized radiation is still a widely accepted treatment for various types of cancer. One of the side effects of localized radiation is dermatitis. This study examined the radioprotective effects of molecular hydrogen mice. This study showed that hydrogen significantly reduced the severity of dermatitis, accelerated tissue recovery, and reduced the extent of radiation induced weight loss in mice after a single or fractions dose.

Hydrogen-rich saline protects immunocytes from radiation-induced apoptosis
In this study it was demonstrated that molecular hydrogen infused saline reduced radiation-induced apoptosis in thymocytes and splenocytes in living mice. This study also found that molecular hydrogen rescued the radiation-caused depletion of white blood cells (WBC) and platelets.
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